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Top quality Arabic translation

Just as cultures differ by country and region around the world, data composition also has special rules depending on the language. In producing tens of thousands of multilingual DTP pages annually, SHAMS ardently keeps abreast of composition rules in various countries.
On top of providing translation services, a real strength of SHAMS is that we can also provide total output services, from DTP right through to printing.

Do you get worried about relying on DTP staff who do not have specialist knowledge of the language being used in DTP?
Our workplace

At SHAMS, we have a check system in place that relies on native-speaker staff and highly knowledgeable Japanese staff, so that you can request our services in safe knowledge that you will get good quality work in return.

Delivery formats

We deliver finished work in various styles that meet client requests. We strive to meet client demands even if we do not have the application or software needed at the outset. At SHAMS, we process work as outline data, such as printable PDF and Illustrator. We are always happy to talk about formatting challenges, so feel free to ask.
PSD, AI, INDD, Word, Excel, PDF, outline data, CD-ROM, color output, file output, simple printing, color printing, all sorts of bookbinding and other layouts

More than 30 languages accommodated

Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Dari, Pashto, Tagalog, Hebrew, Turkish, Thai, Malay, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese), Indonesian, Hindi, Swahili, Burmese, Vietnamese, Korean, English, Russian, Italian, German, Dutch, French, Swedish, Greek, Norwegian, Dansk, Spanish, Finnish, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, etc.

Track record

All kinds of manuals (paper medium & e-manual), product catalogs, company guides, website construction, linguist books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, study materials (CD, books), general publications, periodicals, UI development, children's books, etc.

Our applications also handle multiple languages

Adobe InDesign
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe PageMaker

Japanese and English versions of InDesign and Illustrator cannot be used to produce documents in languages such as Arabic and Persian. At SHAMS, we produce all data for Arabic and Persian in Middle East versions of the relevant software, even Adobe products.

Arabic example
Unlike Japanese and English, Arabic flows from right to left. Indeed, a specialty of Arabic is that the preceding character is joined to the following character.

Adobe Illustrator (Japanese)
Characters become detached and flow from left to right - thus, meaning is lost.
Adobe Photoshop (Japanese)

Adobe Illustrator (Middle East)
Characters flow from right to left, with words correctly positioned.
Adobe Photoshop (Middle East)
All languages - not just Arabic - have a variety of rules and special features, but, at SHAMS, we have gained so much knowledge in the publishing field that you can rest assured that commissioned work will be just right.

Converting from PageMaker data to InDesign data
With Adobe production, let us say for a multipaged product, in the old days, PageMaker would have been used, but, in the last few years, it is common to use InDesign because it dynamically links to software like Photoshop and Illustrator.
So, even in the case of some old-format Pagemaker data, converting that to highly versatile data will provide the opportunity to keep costs down from here on through re-use in other projects.

Adobe FrameMaker

With a strong affinity for XML, the use of FrameMaker in large-scale publishing requires a design knowledge of sentence structure and a deep understanding of markup language .
Look no further than SHAMS if you want to develop multilingual data using TRADOS.

Microsoft Office

From specialist DTP software to generally familiar MS Office products. Naturally, at SHAMS, we also can produce manuals and books using MS Office. Indeed, we also can convert MS Office products into Adobe products.

Please contact us about other applications, such as QuarkXPress.

Some of our track record

Apart from the above, we also have many other dear customers, such as household electric appliance manufacturers, automakers and publishers.


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