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SHAMS is a company that specializes in Arabic.

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The above are just some of the inquiries we have received from customers. At SHAMS, we offer assistance in various work through our knowledge in Middle East languages. We work across a diverse range of formats, including: translating and editing user manuals and catalogs for export products of manufacturers, pamphlets promoting Japanese culture, politics and economy; translating legal documents and company guides for enterprises making inroads into local markets overseas; translating official documents (passports, ID documents, etc.) for individual customers, and editing study books and dictionaries.

SHAMS means "Sun" in Arabic. Since founding, we have specialized in translating Middle East languages, such as Arabic. And that quality has earned us the mark of respect and customer confidence echoed in the compliment: "SHAMS for Arabic". The Middle East region is still an unknown quantity in Japan, but, at SHAMS, we have built up a wealth of knowledge and know-how on that region. Please do not hesitate to contact us via the inquiry form to talk about any ideas you have.

Collaborative system combining native-speaker staff and Japanese staff

More than 30 languages accommodated, TRADOS translation available, Terminology consistency, Delivery styles, Genres accommodated

Reasons for using Middle East applications, not Japanese ones

Please see "Multilingual translation" and "Multilingual DTP" pages for details.

What is Arabic?

Arabic is a language used in the Middle East and North African countries. Arabic is the official language in more than 20 countries, making it a language spoken comparatively widely across the world. Even in international trade, as a business custom, Arab countries generally use Arabic. For that reason, Arabic translation is an integral element for developing business in Middle East countries. However, localizing business in Arabic is difficult because of the unique characters of the language and the right to left writing flow.

Formal Arabic

Arabic dialects (anmiya) differ by country and region, but all Arab nations share a formal Arabic (fusuha) writing style.
And, in official announcements, TV, radio and newspapers, this formal Arabic is used.

Countries that use Arabic as their official language

United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Yemen, Israel, Iraq, Egypt, Eritrea, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Sudan, Chad, Tunisia, Palestinian National Authority, Bahrain, Mauritania, Morocco, Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, etc.

Countries in the Middle East that use languages other than Arabic

The main languages of the following countries are not Arabic.
Afghanistan :Dari, Pashto / Israel :Hebrew / Iran :Persian / Pakistan :Urdu
Of course, we specialize in translations of the above languages, as well.

Work flow from request through to delivery

We take care of everything consistently from planning, translating, DTP through to printing. Yet, we can deal with varied requests, whether they be for just translation or just DTP.   

Work flow from request through to delivery

Some of our track record

Apart from the above, we also have many other dear customers, such as household electric appliance manufacturers, automakers and publishers.


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