Leave it up to us at SHAMS when you need translations, DTP, e-manuals and website building in Arabic.  Our main languages are Arabic, Persian, Hebrew and Turkish but we also work in many other languages, such as Asian, African and European ones.  We receive the kind patronage of many customers, including all kinds of societies, corporations, household electrical appliance manufacturers, automakers and publishers.

Translation work

We handle more than 30 languages, including Arabic, Persian, Thai, Chinese, Korean and Russian

High quality Arabic translations thanks to the collaboration of native-speaker and Japanese staff members

Some of our track record

Manuals, catalogs, marketing materials, linguistic study books, dictionaries and textbooks
Business documents, periodicals, narrations and CD-based teaching materials, etc.


DTP business

Very knowledgeable about composition (typesetting) of languages. We also are capable of handling the development of multiple languages simultaneously!

Specialist knowledge in various OS, applications and fonts is necessary when working on the composition of multiple languages. Having built up extensive specialist knowledge in the composition of multiple languages, you can rest assured that SHAMS will do a good job.
By offering a consistent workflow from advice at planning stage on to design, manuscript creation, translation, DTP and through to printing, we offer speedy creation of data that is trouble free.

Some of the versions and applications we have

We have each language and each version of these OS and applications.


E-manual and website building services

We support Arabic XML! We solve web layout problems!

When creating an e-manual or website in Arabic, it is not possible to write in HTML or CSS in the same way as English and Japanese websites.
We are the people you want for creating multilingual websites - starting with Arabic - managing of contents, CMS and strategies for increasing access.


Professional translators meet customer needs in translating Persian and DTP of Persian.

First-time customers please click here. We support customers in various areas, including the rules and customs of the Middle East region.

Frequently asked questions

Answers to frequently asked questions about Arabic translation and DTP, etc.


Style samples

We have fonts for various languages. We can offer ideas to suit customer usages.


Opportunities for associated staff

We are always looking for translators, DTP operators and checkers, etc.


SHAMS can handle industrial and literary translations.


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33 years of service thanks to all our clients

Top quality translation thanks to a combination of native-speaker and Japanese staff

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