Privacy Policy

SHAMS Company (hereon referred to as "the company") recognize the importance of customer information and will take utmost measures to protect that information.

Handling of private information

1. The company shall define private information as information related to an individual, which, as such, is information that can identify an individual.

2. The company shall acquire private information using lawful and fair methods.

3. The company shall use acquired private information within the business domain of the company. In cases where such private information is to be used in a sphere beyond that business domain, unless allowed by law, the company must obtain the consent of the customer in advance.

4. The company shall appropriately manage private information acquired from customers. Furthermore, unless allowed by law, the company shall not reveal or offer private information to third parties without the consent of the customer.

5. The company shall immediately cooperate in any cases where a customer requests to see and/or correct any private information about that customer being held by the company.

Handling corporate confidential information

1. The company shall define confidential information as any information that the company becomes aware of during any of the stages of business consignment (subcontracting) and post completion of the business consignment.

2. The company shall strictly store and manage the customer's confidential information during and after the contract period. Unless directed by laws that have legally binding power in a legal situation, the company shall not reveal, leak and/or sell customer's confidential information.

3. The company shall immediately cooperate in any cases where a customer requests the return of confidential information that is relevant to that customer; moreover, in such situations, the company also shall destroy any duplicated material (copies) that the customer has given advance permission to be made.

Confidential information retention agreement

In receiving an order from a customer to undertake translation and/or interpreting work, the company is being asked to formally agree to confidential information retention. The company also has a confidential information retention agreement, so please ask about it.

About intellectual property

The company respects intellectual property. With regard to copyrighted work of a third party, without express consent from the right holder in question, the company shall not use or duplicate (copy) that copyrighted work.


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