Translation work

Our work is not just limited to Middle East languages, we handle more than 30 languages, including Asian, African and European languages.

Top quality Arabic translation

Since the founding of SHAMS, we have consistently maintained a collaborative in-house translation system involving knowledgeable, well-experienced native-speaker technical translators and Japanese Arabists who undertake our Arabic translation work together.

For example, in translation requiring specialist knowledge for something like an automobile user manual, there are many abstract function names and technical terms being used. And many of these specialist terms do not make sense if translated literally into Arabic - thus, a translation that provides the specific meaning is needed. As there is far more information available in Japanese about function names and technical terms, at SHAMS, our Japanese Arabists investigate meanings of terms to back up our native-speaker translators to ensure even greater accuracy. Conversely, to help our Japanese Arabists when they are translating, our native-speaker translators check those translations to further enhance the quality of the Arabic.

Taking into consideration who the readership will be, we constantly take care to offer our customers what they want - assured high-level quality translations.

Indeed, we also have vastly experienced translators on our books to handle the other languages that we translate. Moreover, we have other translators based overseas (Egypt, Qatar, China, Vietnam, Thailand and America, etc.).

Rest assured that our in-house system provides vital terminology consistency

Our staff give full attention to sections that need to be followed closely, such as assuring terminology consistency, which is often required in translation of user manuals. There are no worries about SHAMS when it comes to team translations that require consistency among the translators.

We use a translation collaboration system to ensure optimum translations.

Function names and technical terminology not fully explained in literal translations. In technical translations, the meaning of Japanese or English in original texts need to be grasped more accurately and translated freely. With SHAMS' Arabic translations, rest assured, because we have native Arabic speakers and a Japanese Arabists work in pairs at all times, so that they can mutually compliment each other.

We have the knowledge and know how to localize.

Ever since our founding in 1986, we have consistently specialized in Middle East languages. And that track record has earned us the mark of respect and customer confidence echoed in the compliment: "SHAMS for Arabic". Nowadays, we are putting that wealth of knowledge and know how to good use in many other languages, as well.

We now specialize in multilingual translations.

We handle more than 30 languages.

Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Dari, Pashto, Tagalog, Hebrew, Turkish, Thai, Malay, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese), Indonesian, Hindi, Swahili, Burmese, Vietnamese, Korean, English, Russian, Italian, German, Dutch, French, Swedish, Greek, Norwegian, Dansk, Spanish, Finnish, Portuguese, Polish, Czech, Hungarian, etc.

We can handle multiple languages simultaneously.

Don't you find it bothersome to commission numerous translation companies when you need to localize multilingually? Choose SHAMS, and we will handle all the translation in one business order.
In recent times, multilingual manuals and websites are on the increase, which makes deadline management and quality control of simultaneous multilingual translations extremely difficult.
At SHAMS, we combine with the translators of multiple languages to provide our vast experience in TRADOS and automatic composition, to offer potent support to the projects of our clients.

TRADOS translation

Since its fanfare arrival on the translation scene, TRADOS is turned to for tasks such as terminology management using translation memory, automatic composition using tag texts - yet, problems appear when it is used with Arabic and Persian.
At SHAMS, we took to TRADOS in the early days of its launch and have been using it for work ever since. And now we use it for other Asian and European languages.
Trust us, we make the most of TRADOS when creating translation memory. By getting translators and TRADOS controllers to liaise, we can produce high-quality, low-cost translation memory for utilization into the future.

  ・Creation and operation of translation memory
  ・Creation and operation of terminology lists
  ・Memory maintenance in tandem with data correcting

TRADOS operation sample

Also can be used for industrial and literary translations.

Works on all sorts of translations, such as technical, computer, medical, financial, manual, catalog, marketing, business, educational, linguistic, dictionary, periodical, narration, educational CD ones.

Manuals, user guides, product catalogs
Software, PC peripheral equipment, automobile, digital household electrical appliances, etc.

Judicial and contractual matters
Branch office contracts, contracts for sale, employment contracts, non-disclosure agreements, trademark registrations and registry books, etc.

Scholarly papers and research reports
Social studies, environmental studies and humanities, etc.

Corporation and IR info
Company outline pamphlets, annual reports, press releases and business reports, etc.

Planning and marketing
Questionnaires, surveys, research materials, analysis reports and presentation materials, etc.

General documents
Children's picture books and language reference books, etc.

Some of our track record

Apart from the above, we also have many other dear customers, such as household electric appliance manufacturers, automakers and publishers.


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