Production of e-manuals and websites

You also can trust SHAMS to do a good job when it comes to digitalization.

We can produce all sorts of e-manuals!

In recent years, the push to turn user manuals into e-manuals has really taken off. This not only saves on printing but also means one data source can be put to use in websites as well as PFD documents and e-books, etc.

At SHAMS, we also produce Arabic versions of e-manuals.
However, the production of Arabic e-manuals creates various problems, just like Arabic DTP. Yet, you can trust SHAMS to overcome those problems.
We do everything in house, from translating the source (TRADOS in XML or HTML, etc.) and data creation right through to layout adjustments and translation checks.

But, even if you only have paper-based manuals, don't worry!
We are more than happy to discuss (even at the planning level) converting paper-based manuals into e-manuals, so feel free to give us a call.

What about languages other than Arabic?
Of course, we specialize in translations of many languages, cored around Middle East and Asian ones, such as Persian, Thai, Malaysian, Chinese and Korean.

E-manual sample chart

Supported formats : PDF、Microsoft PowerPoint、Adobe Flash, HTML/XHTML/XML, Others

Multilingual translations of websites

In recent years, we get more and more inquiries about creating websites to enable customers to turn their Japanese info into globally understood info that targets the Middle East.
The targets and objectives of multilingual websites vary depending on the customer - for example, boosting sales, promoting local deployment or cultivating potential customers.
Therefore, we do not just create multilingual websites in, say, Arabic and Persian - instead, at SHAMS, we propose multilingual websites to our customers based on wide-ranging consideration of many matters, such as local needs, cultures and customs of each country, review of competition websites and local SEO after websites have been launched.

Right-to-left HTML/XHTM and CSS
Needs coding

Let us say that you already have a Japanese website and an English one. If you just try to translate the words in HTML/XHTML into Arabic, it will not fall into place as a website.

Because, what you need is a Middle East type website UI to deal with the right-to-left flow of words.
Coding of characters also must be done from right to left for CSS files and HTML/XHTML coding that makes up the layout and design of a website.

The image on the right is
The website's UI is configured for easy use by locals in Arabic countries.

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